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Library Referendum

The library will be on the April 4, 2017 ballot asking voters in the Illini Central School District if they would like to annex certain territories in the Illini Central School District without current tax-supported library services.  What does this really mean?  Both the majority of voters living in the district and the majority of voters outside the library district must agree to the annexation before the annexation can take place.  If the majority of either group says no, then the annexation will not happen.
For those currently living in the library district: Simply put, you are being asked if you would like the rest of the school district to join the library district if they as voters decide they would like to join.  This vote for you is not about paying more tax dollars to the library.  There is no change from what you currently pay.
For those not living in the library district but being asked to join:  You are being asked if you would like to be a part of the library district.  In voting yes. you are saying you want to join the library district and receive library service.  Is there a cost for this library service?  Yes, and it appears on your property tax bill.  Currently the library tax rate is 23 cents per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation.  The table below gives a sample of home values and the impact the referendum would have to a property owner's tax bill.
Home's Fair Market Value Home Assessed Value (EAV) Estimated Yearly Tax Impact
$50,000 16,666.67 $38.33 ($24.53 with homestead exemption)
$60,000* 20,000.00* $46.00 ($32.20 with homestead exemption)*
$75,000 33,333.33 $57.50 (($43.70 with homestead exemption)
*The average property value of $60,878 in Mason County's Allens Grove Township and $58,615 in Sherman Township was obtained from the Mason County Assessor's Office.

If you click on the Library Referendum link above, you will access the three articles that will appear in the Mason County Democrat and the Banner Times during the  month of March and the flyer that is being placed around the areas.

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